Don't Be A Dumb Jock; How To Be A Super Human Being - ebook

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The ability to tap into your natural strengths, develop them, and leverage them to build a life of your dreams is what separates a Super Human Being from the average Joe. Yet, it’s cliché that most people never develop their vast potential. That is going to change once you read this book.

In Don’t Be A Dumb Jock, Aaron Johnson gives athletes, aspiring athletes, non-athletes, parents, and coaches a framework for creating the next-generation of Super Human Beings. He draws from his experience as a lifelong sportsman to offer powerful lessons from the field that translate into life-changing insights.

The journey to becoming a Super Human Being begins with knowledge of self – an understanding of what we do know and what we don’t know about ourselves. A dedicated athlete, who is focused on improving their physical ability, mental strength, and emotional awareness, unlocks more of their own secrets. No one can do the self-work for you. In doing so, you will expand your vision, knowledge, to become aware of your power as a human being.

Don’t Be A Dumb Jock: How to be a Super Human Being is a meticulously devised inspirational guide for people who have the passion – the burning desire – to realize your life’s goals.

Once you get the fire burning inside, you can never settle for anything less than what you aspire to.

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  • e-book
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Don't Be A Dumb Jock; How To Be A Super Human Being - ebook

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